MV TR-XLPE URD Cable,Medium Voltage TR-XLPE Insulated URD Cable

MV TR-XLPE URD Cable (Medium Voltage TR-XLPE Insulated URD Cable) meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, IEC,DIN,BS,AS,CSA,NFC,SS,etc. in addition, we also accept OEM service to meet your special request.


Medium Voltage Power Cable - URD-Primary Underground Distribution Cable



1). 15KV,25KV, 35kv TR-XLPE Insulation

2). 100% Insulation

3). Concentric Neutral

4). Maximum Conductor Temperature: Normal continuous 90°C, Overload 130°C, Short Circuit 250°C



Medium-Voltage TR-XLPE Power Cable is suitable for Primary underground Distribution System; buried directly or installed in underground ducts or conduits or exposed to sunlight for above ground application. To be used a 15,000 volts or less. Rated for continuous operation at 90℃ conductor temperature.




Conductor Bare aluminum or copper stranded class B conductor (compressed stranding)
Strand Shield Extruded semi-conducting strand shield
Insulation Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE-TR) insulation
Insulation Shield Extruded semi-conducting insulation shield
Neutral Wires Coated or uncoated copper concentric neutral wires
Embedded Jacket Non-conducting linear low-density PE (LLDPE) encapsulating jacket with extruded red stripes. Optional semi-conducting PE  jacket

Six main types of TR-XLPE power cables for Medium-Voltage Primary Distribution:

15kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 100% Insulation Level
15kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 133% Insulation Level
25kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 100% Insulation Level
25kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 133% Insulation Level
35kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 100% Insulation Level
35kV TR-XLPE URD Cable 133% Insulation Level

GL Technology is a professional MV XLPE Power Unarmoured Cable (Medium Voltage XLPE Insulated Unarmoured Power Cable factory) manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products also include AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACAR, Galvanized Steel Wire, Aluminium Clad Steel Wire, PVC wire, PVC/XLPE power cable, Aerial Bundled Cable, rubber cable, control cable, etc. Any Interested, Pls feel free to email us, we will reply to you that day with feasible prices and material in time!

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