PBT Tube Type Overview
PBT Loose Tube Optical Ground Wire (OPGW Cable)
opgw cable
The PBT Loose Tube Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is surrounded by single or 
double layers of aluminum clad steel wires(ACS) or mix ACS wires and aluminum 
alloy wires. Good anti-corrosion performance.Material and structure are uniform, good
resistance to vibration fatigue.

Usually,there are 4 PBT loose tube inside the aluminum tube,each PBT loose tube 12 cores,this type of OPGW cable is
widely used in South America,Africa and some old communication lines upgrading.

OPGW has two fiber type:one is single mode G652D and the other is G655,sometimes they mixed together,such like OPGW-36B1+12B4-93 [78.8;53.9]. Fiber optic cable OPGW, usually 12~48 fibers,GL can max produced 96 fibers OPGW fiber optic cable, jelly filled and fiber contained central PBT loose/aluminum cladding steel/aluminum tube, outer with AA/ACS wires armored, detailed specification on your request.

The Aluminum tube of opgw cable is surrounded by single or double layers of aluminum clad steel wires(ACS) or 
mix ACS wires and aluminum alloy wires. Good anti-corrosion performance.Material and structure are uniform, good resistance
to vibration fatigue.

Typical Design for OPGW cable:
Specification Fiber Count Diameter(mm) Weight (kg/km) RTS(KN) Short Circuit(KA2s)
OPGW-113(87.9;176.9) 48 14.8 600 70.1 33.9
OPGW-70(81; 41) 24 12 500 81 41
OPGW-66(79;36) 36 11.8 484 79 36
OPGW-77(72;36) 36 12.7 503 72 67

1. Only a part of OPGW cables are listed in the table. Cables with other specifications can be inquired.
2. Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.
3. Specially designed Cable structure is available on request.


Package of OPGW cable:
Packed by steel drum, length can be decided by you
opgw cable

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pbt opgw cable

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