Single Layer Overview
Single Layer Aerial ADSS Cable


Single Layer Aerial ADSS Cable is idea for installation in distribution as well as transmission
envirline installations are required as its name indicates, there is no support or messenger wire
required, so installation is achieved in a single pass. Application: Self-support aerial installation.

Features of ADSS fiber optic cable:
1. It can be erected without powering off;
2. AT sheath, excellent electric tracking resistance;
3. Light weight, small cable diameter, reducing the influence of wind and ice, on the tower and support load, large span,
the largest span 200 meters;
4. With excellent tensile properties and temperature characteristics, life expectancy is greater than 30 years.

Advantages of GL ADSS fiber optic cable:
1. Good aramid yarn have excellent tensile performance;
2. Fast delivery,200km ADSS cable regular production time about 10 days;
3. Can using glass yarn instead of aramid,to prevent mouse bite.
Typical Technical Parameter of ADSS:

Span (meter) Weight(kg/km) Diameter(mm)             Initial Tension (N)
       Unload                 Load
50 110 9.0~9.5~10.2~10.5 892 1479
100 110 9.0~9.5~10.2~10.5 1338 2043
150 110 12.2 2232 3286
200 110 12.2 3280 4800
50 115 9.0~9.5~10.2~10.5 904 1486
150 115 12.2 2261 3304
200 115 12.2 3322 4826
ADSS Cable Construction Parameter
No. of fibers 4-72fibers
FRP Strength Member Diameter 2.1 mm
Loose Tube Diameter 2.0 mm
Out Sheath Diameter 1.8 mm
Loose Tube Material PBT
Filling compound (Tube) Thixotropic Jelly
Water Blocking Water Swell able Material
Outer sheath material  Anti-tracking  for 35-110kv voltage

ADSS Optical Fiber Parameter
Fiiber Type G652D
Mode Field Diameter 8.6~9.5±0.7μm
Cladding Diameter 125 ± 1μm
Cladding Non-Circularity:  ≤ 1%
Coating Diameter  245 ± 10μm
Attenuation Coefficient ≤ 0.36dB/km at 1310nm, ≤ 0.22dB/km at 1550nm
Chromatic Dispersion ≤3.5ps/nm/km at 1285~1330nm, ≤18ps/nm/km at 1550nm
Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1300~1322nm
PMD Coefficient ≤ 0.2ps/√km

Package of ADSS Cable:
By steel drum, length can be decided by you.

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